Please Be Advised – More Updated Marketing Insights at Amazing Ideas Inc

Please Be Advised – More Updated Marketing Insights at Amazing Ideas Inc

Please be advised that this particular website seldom gets new material. Instead I welcome you over to Amazing Ideas, Inc.  at

Amazing Ideas, Inc. is the marketing company of Mikkel Pitzner. It currently operates out of Castle Rock, Colorado and is focused mainly on online marketing for businesses of all kinds. A lot of the marketing is done with a focus for local businesses for their local markets. this is primarily due to the fact that it is much more doable to get the right results for the local businesses in a local market as opposed to getting the correct exposure across an entire nation (unless you really wish to spend a lot of money).

The website you are visiting right now is basically just about the book Marketing Miracles book which I was fortunate to co-write with among others the legendary marketer Dan Kennedy. While I hope that this website may bring you value of sorts, I do suggest that you visit and by all means sign up to follow along with us, my marketing company’s website of Amazing Ideas, Inc.

On Amazing Ideas, Inc you will find a lot of insights to how you can make marketing work for your business so that you can attract more clients, more revenues and so you make generate more profits.

Right at this moment of posting this update here, we are in the midst of a Marketing Castle Rock series of articles (posts), that shows you How To Get Ranked For Your Keywords. In this series we are trying to get marketing company Amazing Ideas, Inc. ranked for 3 keywords, being Marketing Castle Rock.

For you it’s not really important what words we are using for my company nor that we are trying to rank my company, but what is of interest to you, are the lessons that we derive from the experience and that I am sharing freely with you. Use the lessons freely for your marketing in your business.

I am sure you will find it more than helpful and useful and when you get some results from it, I would love to learn about it, so please send me an email to


To follow along the entire series, just bookmark this link Marketing Castle Rock as it will automatically be updated as most future posts and updates are added to this particular story and as it evolves. Or better yet, sign up (that’s right get this free report on 7 Secrets To Websites That Sell and I will get you notice of new information as we post it) to get your automatic update on these and other really awesome marketing insights.

Again the series is using the example of getting my marketing business, Amazing Ideas Inc., ranked for Marketing Castle Rock.


Of course, if you don’t really want to learn how to do this yourself, but rather want to fast track your results, then we would love to help you achieve your desired results, so send us an email or call us at 888-988-2489 and we will get to work!