Book Summary

How Do Marketing ‘Miracles ’ REALLY Occur?

Preface from One of the World’s Leading Marketers, Dan Kennedy

With ‘Marketing’, there is no one right book, nor even a good argument between warring factions over which is the right book. Marketing is situational and fungible and flexible, its treasured absolutes often successfully violated. What makes it interesting enough to be a life of work for ‘Marketing Experts’, is that there is more than one way to be right, especially by application, but even by principle.

Let’s start with my disagreements with some of the contributing authors in this book. We have differences. But, if we were in complete agreement all but one of us would be unnecessary.
Marketing is not religion. This is why those of us who create wealth for ourselves and others through marketing test, test, test and test some more and even test things we personally wager against and believe will fail.

When Einstein was asked how he came to his discoveries, he replied: “I grope.” That is exactly how we get to what is called “a control” in print, direct-mail, broadcast or on the Marketing Miracles web: we grope. We test a matrix of possibilities in theme, copy appeals, offer, formats, etc., etc. and etc. until we get to something that works sufficiently well to continue its use, then we usually keep testing one variable at a time against the control. We do as much initial and ongoing testing as the size and scope of the opportunity will allow. This is not good news for the person looking for just ten commandments (or fewer). Or for the means of miracles.

Which brings me to my second preface remark:

I’m not in love with the ‘Miracles’ in this book’s title.

When you see an advertiser or marketer walking on water, he has placed stones beneath the surface. When you see one of us successfully defy the laws of economic gravity, there is a rope you can’t see. Creating an advertising or marketing success of epic proportions or an on-going foundation of strong marketing supporting a small business, professional practice or sales career does involve some creativity, but is mostly diligent, often mundane hard work. There’s nothing miraculous about it. As Edison described invention: 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

If “groping” and “hard work” weren’t what you had in mind, it’s very likely a “marketing miracle” will stay beyond your grasp, your entire life. “Putting it on auto-pilot” is a fool’s fantasy…